The Ideal Setting With Isolated, Pristine Beaches 

Uninterrupted views of the West Coast’s dunes and strandveld, the Atlantic’s crashing waves in the background and two purpose built reception venues all add up to a perfect setting to host your special occasion. Add to this, dedicated event coordination to round off a perfect special occasion on the West Coast. And don't forget to check out the The Grand Suite at On The Dunes. Download our Wedding Package below or get in touch with us to discuss your special day.


Innietuin Venue

Designed to make the most of its natural setting, this unique venue is set amongst Grootvlei's spreading gardens and multiple water features. Borrowing from the traditional West Coast latjieshuis (reed house) look, the venue's outer walls are clad with a reed finish. An impressive oval shaped, double volume roof complete with intricate, exposed wooden beams adds to the beauty of the structure. Given this backdrop, the venue lends itself perfectly to large special occasions such as weddings, conferences and the performing arts. The size of the venue allows for: Seating up to 200 - 250 guests, Cinema style seating for up to 500 concert goers or Classroom seatings for approximately 120 conference attendees.


On The Dunes Venue

Fronting the crashing waves on the beach below, this intimate venue captures the rustic, unpretentious soul of the West Coast. Constructed with a unique shell clad exterior, the oval shaped building with lattice roofing lends itself to informal entertaining. Carefully placed windows all around as well as a large volume main exit allow for uninterrupted views of the coastline. The venue lends itself to smaller sized special occasions - whether it be a memorable wedding reception, the authentic closure of a team building experience or hosting the performing arts in a unique setting. The size of the venue allows for: Seating for maximum 80 guests, Cinema style seating for up to 120 concert goers or Classroom seating for approximately 60 conference attendees.

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